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Oct 26 2016
The removal efficiencies of five different grit technologies are compared.
Oct 25 2016
There is no efficiency in a clogged pump. Let the next-generation KSB KRT help you conquer the clog.
Oct 25 2016
National Sales Manager Rick Balek talks about Watson-Marlow peristaltic pumps with WWD Associate Editor Bob Crossen on the WEFTEC 2016 show floor.
Oct 24 2016
Sensaphone’s Sentinel Pro offers intuitive cloud-based remote monitoring, alarming and logging on modbus, analog or digital sensors.
Oct 24 2016
The FEDWA Baffle System from Evoqua reduces flow velocities and improves flocculation for efficient solids settling and increased treatment capacity.
Oct 24 2016
Repurposing shower water for flushing can save up to 30% of water. The Recover system also detects toilet leaks, thus potentially saving another 13%.
Oct 24 2016
The patented Channel Monster integrates rotating screening drums with Muffin Monster grinder technology. The system accommodates high flows while…
Oct 21 2016
Tom McCurdy and Jennifer Kintzer highlight the benefits, safety features and applications of Aerzen BioGas blowers at WEFTEC 2016.
Oct 20 2016
The Asahi/America Strainer Drain, an accessory to its Y-pattern sediment strainer, allows media to evacuate the system for inline cleaning with the…
Oct 12 2016
Forced vortex systems utilize hydraulic action, not particle settling, as the primary means for grit removal.
Oct 11 2016
Water utility personnel install a new safety flange, repair the hydrant and help granny get back behind the wheel in this new training video.
Oct 6 2016
Thousands of water professionals recently descended on New Orleans to discuss the industry's most pressing issues, and a select few were recognized…
Oct 5 2016
A wastewater plant in Peterborough, ON, sees the value of using dewatering equipment and understands that an upfront investment equals future…
Oct 5 2016
Biostyr is designed for BOD removal, nitrification, denitrification and solids removal, with high energy efficiency and 20% of the footprint of…
Sep 13 2016
Nursing homes, apartments, jails and sporting arenas all produce high solid sewage that can clog pipes and pumps. JWC has solutions for all of them.
Aug 15 2016
Evoqua is making water safer for people, municipalities, industry and the environment. Learn more.
Aug 1 2016
AdEdge chats with graduates of the Georgia Institute of Technology about working in the water treatment industry.
Jul 26 2016
Mission Communications provides SCADA systems that deliver unparalleled reliability for immediate notification, access to data from any web enabled…
Jul 21 2016
System-sizing method and grit particle size are important considerations for achieving effective grit removal system design.
Jul 19 2016
Xylem will be launching an integrated new technology that will help redefine the wastewater industry. It combines everything the company knows about…