Mar 27, 2013

Check Valves Installed for Florida Infrastructure Project

Coastal city benefits from flood prevention measures

A major coastal city in Florida had been experiencing problems with high tidewater surcharging storm water pipes located in a densely populated beach area, causing the streets to flood. As part of an infrastructure improvement project that was designed to stop this flooding, the city installed numerous Red Valve Company CheckMate inline check valves.

For several years, the city has been successfully using Tideflex TF-1 check valves for flood control and backflow prevention. But since the location of one particular pipeline is adjacent to a condominium and on a canal where boat traffic is heavy, the city preferred to use a valve that would be recessed inside the pipeline. The CheckMate inline check valve, with its low head loss characteristics, was the ideal choice.

The CheckMate valve was easy for the city to install: It was simply inserted into the pipe and clamped into place. No modification to the pipe or structure was required in order to install the valve, which resulted in cost savings.

In addition to this 72-in. CheckMate valve, one 54-in., two 48-in. and one 24-in. CheckMate inline check valves were also supplied. The 54-in., 48-in. and 24-in. CheckMates were furnished in an elliptical configuration, which made them easily adaptable for use in the city’s existing elliptical pipelines.