Mar 31, 2015

Maintaining a Consistent Level

Altitude pilot stops Malaysian reservoir overflowing

Maintaining a Consistent Level

Johor is Malaysia’s third-largest state and one of the most developed regions of the country. SAJ Holdings is a water utility company based in the state capital of Johor Bahru. It is responsible for Johor’s water supply system, including water treatment and potable water distribution. To service a population of more than 2.7 million, the company must ensure that the state’s water infrastructure is reliable and effective.

The problem

But, like with most water systems, problems arise. Problems such as overflowing water reservoirs.

At one reservoir in Johor, SAJ Holdings realized the ball-float valve that maintained the water level demanded frequent repairs due to high pressure. Flooding there and in other reservoirs was a common occurrence.

“Unfortunately, the valve was installed deep inside the reservoir, so it was troublesome to access and repair,” said Zainuddin Ghazali, operations manager for SAJ Holdings. “Using a ball-float valve to control the level caused the diaphragm to wear out sooner due to the frequency that the valve would open and close.”

The solution

In search of a solution, Ghazali contacted Singer Valve’s Malaysia representative, Anand Anandarajah, who recommended the Singer 301-4 altitude pilot. Upon hearing that the valve body can be serviced without removing the pilot and that the inner valve can be replaced without disconnecting the pilot tubing, Ghazali felt confident about the Singer solution.

The results

Singer’s 301-4 altitude pilot has benefited us in many ways,” said Ghazali. “By reducing the number of overflows we had at the reservoir, we increased our supply of revenue-generating water.”

The company also saved tremendous repair costs because the Singer altitude pilot requires minimal manual maintenance.

“The altitude pilot is a three-way pilot operated by a spring and diaphragm,” said Eugene Bahia, a Singer Valve instrumentation specialist. “The pilot precisely controls the water level in a reservoir because it accurately senses the hydrostatic head.”

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