Aug 14, 2020

Sanitaire ICEAS in Jefferson County, MO

A model integration of state-of-the-art technologies that satisfied both initial and long-term considerations.

The Sanitaire ICEAS system in Kimmswick, MO.
The Sanitaire ICEAS system in Kimmswick, MO.

The surrounding areas of Rock Creek Public Sewer District of Jefferson County, Missouri experienced substantial development in recent years overloading existing privately owned wastewater plant capacities. The additional stress on the existing systems resulted in pollution of nearby streams creating mounting health and safety concerns and suspension of new building permits by the county. These issues and forthcoming stricter effluent standards propelled Rock Creek to acquire both private utilities and undertake significant upgrades that included a new, consolidated treatment plant.


The acquisition of surrounding areas immediately expanded Rock Creek District’s service area to 32 square miles and increased the customer base from 800 to over 8,200 connections. Significant testing and analytics were performed to ensure that the right technology was selected to meet the growing demands of the district.

The ICEAS system eliminated the significant cost of building primary and secondary clarifiers, pumping and larger piping.

Sanitaire supplied the new Kimmswick WWTP with an advanced four-basin SBR that incorporates a unique intermittent cycle extended aeration system (ICEAS™) and an automated sludge age control system called Solids Inventory Management System (SIMS). The Sanitaire ICEAS differs from conventional SBR design by incorporating unique features that eliminate the need to manually divert flow during critical settling and decanting phases.

Instead, all basins receive uniformly split incoming flow and loading simultaneously and so are automatically balanced. The Sanitaire system is a great example of the benefits derived from automation and was selected over lower cost alternative SBR technologies.

Sanitaire also provided a SCADA system accommodating the entire treatment plant. The fully integrated equipment at the facility consists of an influent pump station, a headworks building that includes flow measurement, fine screening and aerated grit removal, the ICEAS process, and a solids handling system. Sanitaire coordinated with Flygt, a Xylem brand, to supply the plant’s high-performance submersible pumps, including six 2,300 GPM Flygt pumps in the influent pump station and a clog-resistant Flygt sludge transfer pump rated at 400 GPM. 


The Kimmswick WWTP treatment plant is a state of the art facility designed with the area’s future demands. The new state-of-art facility also demonstrates the results that can be found through selecting the right technology.

The Sanitaire SCADA system monitors and controls the entire Kimmswick WWTP.
The Sanitaire SCADA system monitors and controls the entire Kimmswick WWTP.

The exceptional facility, equipped with the Sanitaire ICEAS technology, continues to exceed operational expectations in operator manpower requirements and in delivering biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), total suspended solids (TSS) and ammonia levels far less than those of state requirements.

Sanitaire’s advanced ICEAS system and SCADA system allow the treatment plant to serve its expanded service area more efficiently, while producing a higher quality effluent. The advanced automation allows only a single operator to run the new plant, saving the facility $93,000 annually. Further, under low-load conditions, the Sanitaire ICEAS system can handle the flow with just two basins reducing the projected operating costs by up to 50%. This also allows the facility to efficiently meet the growing demands of the area well into the future.


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