LG Sonic

LG Sonic is an international manufacturer of algae control systems. LG Sonic products provide an environmentally friendly solution to effectively control algae in lakes, reservoirs, treatment plants, and other applications. Over the last decade, more than 10,000 LG Sonic products have been successfully installed in 52 different countries.

LG Sonic’s latest innovation, the MPC-Buoy, is a floating, solar powered, platform that combines continuous online water quality monitoring, web-based software, and ultrasonic technology to effectively control harmful algal blooms in large water surfaces, such as lakes and drinking water reservoirs. The MPC-Buoy eliminates up to 90% of the exiting algae and prevents the growth of new algae. Furthermore, the MPC-Buoy allows to reduce TSS, BOD and chemical consumption.

The system is specially designed for the treatment of large water surfaces such as;
• lakes
• drinking water reservoirs
• wastewater reservoirs
• raw water reservoirs
• reservoirs of power stations

At this moment, the MPC-Buoy is installed in lakes and water reservoirs in, among other countries, the United States of America, Canada, Chile, Colombia, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, and Poland.


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