Day Zero

In early 2018, Cape Town announced Day Zero, a date when its reservoirs would run so dry that it would cut off municipal water to its residents. While that date has been delayed, water scarcity is still a global issue, and conservation, desalination, and water reuse efforts are critical to staving off future Day Zeros.

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Feb 13 2018
I recently have been reading a lot of science fiction, and decided to plunge into one of the most well-known and renowned sci-fi series of all time,…
Feb 5 2018
Update: As of March 7, 2018, Day Zero has been postponed to August 27, 2018. WWD will continue to update accordingly. Following many agricultural…
Jan 17 2018
Following three years of aggressive drought, Cape Town officials have again moved forward Day Zero to April 22, 2018, the day when the city’s water…
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