Jan 13, 2020

Editorial Letter

This editorial letter originally appeared in Water & Wastes Digest January 2020 issue as "New Year Momentum."

Bob Crossen, senior managing editor

It can be difficult to start the New Year off strong. It delineates a capsule of time to reflect upon, but it also is simply a continuation of things already in motion. For me, a new year is an opportunity to rebuild or carry momentum into the future. To further one’s aims and goals rather than start over on new ones.

There were some new things introduced to the industry this year, and based on the work industry associations are doing and their regulatory briefs on page 10 in this issue, it would seem they too are eager to carry that momentum into 2020 to encourage important change. 

Being heard in Washington, D.C., amid the noise—the U.S. House of Representatives Impeachment Articles against President Donald J. Trump, the lead up to the Democratic Primary Election, and of course the General Election—can be a monumental challenge. But the leadership of water industry associations have never been more unified behind the message for water’s future, especially regarding water infrastructure measures.

This collective voice is one we encourage everyone to use. Get involved with local, regional and national associations. Attend committee meetings or work toward sitting on those committees. Raise your voice and those of your colleagues so we can work toward a brighter water future.

We’ll stand there shouting with you.

About the author

Bob Crossen  |  Senior Managing Editor  |  [email protected]