Mar 23, 2020

Our Favorite Social Media Posts from World Water Day

WWD editors share some favorites social media posts from World Water Day 2020.

An image of a pristine blue lake with green trees, blue skies and mountains in the distance to celebrate World Water Day.
Water & Wastes Digest staff share their favorite social media posts from World Water Day March 22, 2020.

World Water Day 2020 was March 22, and hundreds of individuals, companies and corporate accounts posted about the planet’s most precious resource with the hashtag #WorldWaterDay. With the outbreak of Coronavirus — aka COVID-19 — water’s value has never been more important. Without it, human health and hygiene would suffer greatly — water is necessary not only to wash hands, but also in the production of soaps and hand sanitizers — and proper hygiene is the first method for preventing the spread of the virus.

But World Water Day is also a day to remember how not everyone has access to clean, affordable and safe water. Even in developed countries, many people still do not have affordable clean access to water. So join us as we reflect on water’s importance and tweet @WWDmag with your favorite World Water Day posts.

Personal Messages: Every Drop Counts

Mina Guli, an ultra endurance runner who ran 40 marathons in 40 countries on 6 continents to bring awareness to water, shared perspective on water and asked for people to reflect on its importance during this time.


Inspired by Guli, Barb Martin, American Water Works Association director of engineering and technical services, took a break from her run to share her thoughts on World Water Day.

Don’t Take Water for Granted

Sometimes a cute and funny gif is all you need to relay your message, and this one from Emma Weisbord caught our eye, not to mention how she recognizes that tap water often is taken for granted.

Get a Lesson on Drainage & Sewers from UN Water

We all know that water is also necessary for keeping sewers flowing, and it has been used for drainage and sewers for millenia. Hygiene isn’t only about washing hands, it is about flushing toilets and treating wastewater, too!

Water Does Some Cool & Tricky Things in Space

Now here is a cool video on water’s properties in space being demonstrated by NASA Astronaut Nick Hague. Rather than pushing it around in space, he’s actually pulling it!

Some Big-Time Stats of the Congo River

Click this one for the picture of the hippopotamus but stay for the statistics about the enormous Congo River basin. Water truly is life.