Dec 09, 2015

Filters: Filter Silencers Provide Quiet, Reliable Operation

Technicians at the Eastern Municipal Water District’s 18-mgd Temecula Valley (Calif.) Regional Water Reclamation Facility struggled with aeration blower intake filters. Each of their three multistage blowers, which operate on natural and digester gas, included a 12-element panel filter housing. The filters were noisy and corroded, and required time-consuming maintenance.

The special-order filter elements re­­quired cleaning or replacement three to four times per year.  

In early 2009, the plant contacted Endustra Filters for pricing on replacement filter elements. Endustra offered an alternative: replacing the inlet filter housings with Tri-Vent Series TK manifold intake filter silencers.

Temecula purchased three Tri-Vent filter silencers. Because weather had contributed to corrosion in the past, the facility ordered the optional Tri-Coat H2S.  

After installation in 2009, improvement was immediately evident. With a 24-in. flanged outlet connection, the TKs require two Tri-Vent cartridges with Enduralast Hi-Flow synthetic medium. Despite the small size, differential pressures dropped so low that the blowers had to be throttled back, reducing fuel consumption, vibration and noise. The blower inlets are now so quiet that normal conversation is possible directly in front of the filters.  

The TKs remain in service, free of corrosion. The filters can be serviced in minutes, and the cartridge elements last 12 months or longer. 

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