Mar 01, 2016

Tertiary Treatment Utilizing Disc Filtration System in Georgia

Georgia facility will include system as a part of its tertiary treatment

Kruger N Flowery Branch GA

Kruger Inc. was awarded a contract from the City of Flowery Branch, Ga., to furnish one Hydrotech Discfilter system for its water pollution control plant (WPCP).

Kruger will provide one Hydrotech Discfilter unit with controls system and backwash water pump station to the City of Flowery Branch. The system is designed to treat secondary wastewater to reuse standards by filtering a peak flow of 2 mgd and providing effluent with total suspended solids of less than or equal to 5 mg/L. The Flowery Branch WCPC is using this technology to add tertiary filtration for reuse as part of its overall treatment process capability.

Hydrotech Discfilter utilizes many patented designs, including the oscillating backwash spray header, which provides efficient media cleaning while reducing water consumption by 20%. Its design and construction consistently produce high-quality effluent despite high solids loadings and upset conditions. Its compact footprint, simplified control system and straightforward installation process make the Hydrotech Discfilter a useful filtration technology.

Expected to be operational during the fall of 2016, the Hydrotech Discfilter will give the City of Flowery Branch a cost-effective technology that will provide filtration well into the future.