Jun 01, 2021

California’s Central Valley Westlands Water District Prohibits Outdoor Municipal & Industrial Landscape Watering

All outdoor use of district municipal and industrial water, including landscape watering, is prohibited. 



The Bureau of Reclamation announced a Central Valley Project wide reduction in the municipal and industrial water allocation from 55% to 25% of historic use. 

According to California’s Westlands Water District, this is in response to this municipal and industrial water supply reduction and is effective immediately. The bureau also eliminated the original 5% allocation to the Central Valley Project 2021 entirely.

Until further notice, all outdoor use of district municipal and industrial water, including landscape watering, is prohibited. 

The temporary measure aims to protect public health and safety and will be in place for an indeterminate period, reported The Westlands Water District. 

General Manager Thomas Birmingham took this action in accordance with authority delegated to the general manager by Article 19.5 of the District’s Rules and Regulations to impose water conservation measures, particularly in the event the district’s water supply is insufficient. 

“Westlands recognizes the impact such a drastic curtailment will have on communities, but we are committed to working with our water users to ensure that available municipal and industrial water supplies are available to meet indoor demands,” said Birmingham, reported Fox 26 News.

According to The Westlands Water District, this action is a response to the dry hydrology and the district’s municipal and industrial water supply inability to meet all demands for water. The district will update municipal and industrial water users regarding the prohibition.

The district is also requesting that water users voluntarily reduce all in-door consumption by 25%, which can be achieved by: repairing leaky faucets and toilets; installing low-flow shower heads and toilets; taking showers instead of baths; washing only full loads of laundry; and washing only full loads in dishwashers.

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