Nov 30, 2020

iWWD Top Project: Haughton Environmental, LLC

haughton environmental

The Haughton Environmental project first began when a group of entrepreneurs recognized the potential need for a Tanker Cleaning and Commercial Water Treatment (CWT) facility in northern Haughton, Louisiana.

At the time, trucking firms in the region were not satisfied with the performance of existing cleaning facilities in the area. There was not a CWT facility in the region, so the closest available options were located along the gulf coast.

haughton environmental

Since cleaning of tanker trucks generates a difficult to treat wastewater stream, the synergy of utilizing the required physical chemical treatment plant to treat outside wastewater streams made sense to the team.

The project ownership dedicated itself to designing and building a quality facility with the best material specifications and infrastructure possible. For the team, these choices aimed to ensure many years of service and environmental compliance.

The name of the new company was Haughton Environmental LLC.


Project Planning and Execution 

According to Clark Burton, Haughton Environmental CEO/Partner, obtaining a Commercial Water Treatment pretreatment permit is a challenging task. But this challenging task was not impossible. 

Company ownership approached multiple municipalities along the I-20 corridor with the business plan throughout 2018. After some time, the company finally generated some interest with the town of Haughton. 

Blue Sphere Water Technology was contracted to work alongside ownership for permit application and overall facility design. Once the engineering was submitted and reviewed by Haughton’s third-party engineering firm, and after a series of city council meetings, the authorization to proceed was granted and a full Subpart D (multiple waste streams) pretreatment permit was issued.

Hurdles & Hurrahs 

“The first and largest engineering hurdle came in the form of how Haughton Environmental LLC would ensure that its operations did not have an adverse effect on the Town of Haughton’s municipal waste treatment operation,” said Burton. “The engineering solution was to install large (213,000 gallon) effluent storage tanks at the back end of the treatment process.” 

These tanks allow for treated water to be batch tested for compliance parameters prior to discharge to ensure adequate water is discharged to the municipal wastewater treatment plant. 

An unnaturally rainy season in the spring of 2019 caused considerable construction delays in the grading clearing and pad form/pour from the 10 acre lot, which would become Haughton Environmental LLC. 

By June 2019, the building shell was complete and contractor teams could begin the process of moving in and installing the equipment assets. The installation crews persevered through the blistering heat of a North Louisiana summer to bring the facility online in fall of 2019.

The Haughton Environmental WWTP is a physical chemical operation using a series of baffled sumps for primary heavy solids and free oil separation prior to dual 50,000-gallon EQ tanks. The homogenized wastewater is then pumped through a 200 gpm dissolved air floatation system for primary treatment.

The effluent is then polished with bag filters for additional solids reduction prior to storage, testing and discharge.

The end result of the endeavor is a quality facility and a more efficient means of wastewater treatment.

wastewater treatment


Project Year:
Contractor: Patrick Frano, Blue Sphere Water
Bruce Smart, Smart Welding
Jack Green, Green Construction
Preston Webb, Lawson Electric
Denny Blackett, PAC Site Work
Glenns Mechanical
Darrel kotzur, Crosspoint Engineering
DMR Mechanical
Frank Kleinasser Engineering
Designers: Clark Burton, CEO
Sandy Smith, CFO
Joe D. Bradley Jr, Principal
Patrick Frano, Blue Sphere Water
Owner: Clark Burton, CEO
Sandy Smith, CFO
Joe D. Bradley Jr, Principal
Location: Haughton, Louisiana