Apr 21, 2015

GE Upgrades Reverse Osmosis, Nanofiltration Software

The software now includes the company's low-energy RO membranes and offers Mandarin as a language preference

GE reverse osmosis software

GE has upgraded its Winflows reverse osmosis (RO) and nanofiltration (NF) design and simulation software to include its ZeeWeed 1500 membranes. This new projection software application enables users to design a spiral-wound membrane system with hollow fiber ultrafiltration pretreatment in a single platform.

There are two significant additions to Winflows. The first is the addition of its newest membrane elements that have been recently launched including the extreme low-energy RO membranes, called the AP Series, and the seawater sulfate reducing NF membranes.

The second major upgrade is the ability to choose Mandarin as a language preference.

Over the past three decades GE has expanded, refine and update its Winflows software as technology and design standards have evolved to ensure it is relevant for the water industry. GE has expanded its original RO projection software to include NF projections, chemical addition, pretreatment, chemical/anti-scalent dosing, the RO/NF system, energy recovery devices and post treatment—all within a single platform.

GE’s pressurized ZeeWeed 1500 ultrafiltration membranes are ideal for drinking water treatment, tertiary filtration and pretreatment applications for brackish and seawater desalination for small-to-medium plants requiring quick delivery and installation.

The extreme low pressure membranes are ideal for high flow and low energy applications. The seawater sulfate removal membranes are specifically targeted for removing sulfate from injection water in offshore oil production.