Jun 29, 2018

Analytics Platform Enables Smart Water Metering

Two systems allow operators to view network & manage events

monitoring and metering

The value of smart meter data goes far beyond accurate billing. The challenge so far has been to utilize its full potential, but with the right tools, it is possible transform meter data into actionable insights. Kamstrup’s analytics platform for water utilities comprises the two systems: Water Intelligence and Incidents. The meter data is automatically organized, visualized and analyzed to provide a total overview of the distribution network, and gives the knowledge needed to effectively target efforts.

Water Intelligence offers an insightful overview of different individual districts with detailed information on inlet flow, consumption and water loss. It enables utilities to follow the development closely, target efforts and act efficiently. The platform offers a map of the supply area that provides a constant overview of the water loss in the entire network. Intuitive color-coding of the districts immediately shows their status based on tailored predefined limits for acceptable water loss. This enables utilities to target leak detection and react in a matter of hours instead of days.  

Incidents enables efficient event management and provides information about the different digital events in the distribution network that require attention such as leaks, dry meters, tampering attempts and more. All events are shown on a map to monitor the current state of the distribution network and prioritize which events to handle. This enables operators to detect irregularities earlier, handle them faster and reduce the consequential damage. The events included can be alarms, notifications and info codes from supported smart meters, sensors and pumps. The events even can include alarms generated from Water Intelligence if the water loss in a district rises above predefined limits.

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