Dec 28, 2000

Technology Could End Deadly Water Pollutants

MOTHER Environmental Systems announced that its new technology could put an end to deadly water pollutants. The new compound successfully removes a wide range of hydrocarbons from water in a single pass. According to tests, the compound, MYCELX, eliminates oil, diesel, PCBs, benzene, gas, kerosene and sheen as well as being effective in the fight against MTBE.

Sheen, one of the most difficult pollutants to remove with current remediation methods, is 100 percent removable with the MYCELX technology. MYCELX technology brings hydrocarbons in water to less than one part per billion or below detectable limits with the EPA allowing 15 parts per million.

Able to be infused with any substrate, MYCELX is an "application specific technology" that already has MOTHER's scientists infusing it in a range of substrates including bilge filters, oil spill booms and perlite. MYCELX-infused products can be safely incinerated and used to generate energy.

The company owns five process and compound patents, with numerous other patents pending, and has received two Chemical Abstract Services numbers, assigned to new molecules, for MYCELX.

(Source: MOTHER Environmental Systems)