Valves play a critical role in all water and wastewater applications. Valves are devices that can adjust, change or otherwise redirect the flow of water or wastewater within a pipe network. This may be used to regulate system pressures, redirect water due to seasonal flow differences or to keep the flow of storm water manageable during a heavy storm. Valves come in many different styles, shapes and sizes, and examples of their use can be found in the articles below.

Sep 20 2001
The main problem occurred at a church during heavy rainfalls, when the main sewer line would routinely back up through the basement floor drains into…
Sep 20 2001
Winches, Cranes and Hoists GSC Hal Gillette 2 5 2001-09-20T21:43:00Z 2001-09-20T21:43:00Z 2 928 5295 44 10 6502 9.3821 0…
Dec 28 2000
Corroding and obsolete valves, adoption of stricter plumbing codes, and the importance of protecting the public water supply from hazardous backflow…
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