Jul 21, 2016

Danfoss Partners with Johnson Barrow

Johnson Barrow to serve as AB-QM PICV sales representative for Oregon, Washington

Oregon, Washington, sales, PICV, business partnership

Danfoss announced its partnership with Johnson Barrow. Johnson Barrow serve as the newest sales representative organization for Danfoss’ line of AB-QM pressure independent control valves (PICVs) in Oregon and Washington.

With offices in Portland, Ore., and Seattle, Johnson Barrow has been serving the Pacific Northwest for more than 50 years. The company represents more than 40 HVAC manufacturers and is committed to providing quality service and cutting-edge system technology.

“AB-QM PICVs are precise control valves that enable improved efficiency and indoor comfort, and lower installation and balancing costs—important benefits for today’s energy- and cost-conscious market,” said Jim Hoctor, national sales manager for Danfoss. “We’re pleased to now have Johnson Barrow’s expertise and service behind the valves in the Oregon and Washington HVAC markets.”

“We are very excited to form this partnership with Danfoss,” said Ben Iwen, sales engineer for Johnson Barrow. “The AB-QM is an ideal complement to our current lines of VAV boxes and fan coil units. Danfoss is changing the market for PICVs and we’re happy to be joining the team to provide this energy savings opportunity to the Northwest U.S.”

AB-QM PICVs directly control the water flow required by the coil and are unaffected by pressure fluctuations in the system. By precisely controlling the flow, PICVs eliminate the need for balancing valves, thus reducing the installation and balancing costs. It has been third-party verified to offer balancing and control accuracies of ±5% of setpoint—leading to increased energy savings of 20 to 50%. The AB-QM PICV eliminates the need for authority calculations and will save time on installation and commissioning.

Available in a full range of sizes from ½ to 10 in. with a compact design able to handle any size application, the AB-QM is ideal for small spaces such as fan coil units and VAV boxes, as well as large buildings like offices, universities, hospitals and buildings where accurate temperature control is critical, such as laboratories and research facilities.