Aug 24, 2016

New Online Tool Quickly Locates Valves

GF Piping Systems’ GF Valve Finder guides customers through process

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GF Piping Systems introduced a new online tool for its online catalog—GF Valve Finder. The tool helps customers quickly find the right valve for an application.

The GF Valve Finder guides the customer through the valve selection process. It offers three selection criteria: type of valve, actuation and material. By selecting at least one of the options, the GF Valve Finder will guide the customer directly to a page with matching valves. The customer can then use the extended search and narrow the results.

When the matching valve is found, the customer is provided comprehensive documentation, like dimensions, technical data, approvals, planning assistance, brochures and product videos. Direct product inquiries can be made with the help of a virtual shopping cart, which will be answered by the according sales company.

For more information or to use the GF Valve Finder, visit