Jul 02, 2014

Singer Valve Appoints Head of Instrumentation and Automation

Ryan Spooner will help provide customized solutions to Singer customers

Singer Valve Appoints Head of Instrumentation and Automation

Singer Valve has announced the appointment of Ryan Spooner as manager of instrumentation and automation.

“Ryan’s expertise in mechatronics, coupled with his proven record at Singer Valve to solve and create complex automation solutions for our customers, makes him a natural fit to head up our instrumentation and automation department,” said Andrew Taylor, president of Singer Valve.

Spooner will focus on increasing his team’s capabilities so that more customers have access to the electronic automation solutions that Singer has to offer.

Spooner is responsible for ensuring that Singer electronic panels meet the highest quality and safety standards with UL certification. By offering customized solutions, Singer is able to offer customers solutions that meet their specific needs and offer complete setup, training and ongoing support.

“There is an increased demand for municipalities to control their water supply from one location, as each system is unique, the automation process has to account for many different variables to maximize the daily ease of operation,” said Spooner.

With increased training, Spooner hopes to grow the division by keeping up with demand.

Spooner  can be reached at 604.594.5404 or via e-mail at [email protected].