Jun 23, 2017

Tool Kit Allows Water Professionals to Install Insertion Valves & Line Stops

Training provided with purchase of kit

EZ Valve permanent insertion valves and temporary line stops may be installed by Advanced Valve Technologies Inc. (AVT) or by water professionals who purchase a complete and compact tool kit. With every tool kit purchase, AVT provides the customer’s team with detailed, hands-on training in the simple, sure and fast process.

Each tool kit has the complete array of equipment for a successful install that proceeds quickly through three steps: securing the precision-machined valve body to the pipe, rotational milling of a 120-degree access slot for the resilient wedge gate, and the attachment and operation of the valve bonnet. All steps are performed under full line pressure and with the collection of the milling debris. The integral isolation valve means no cumbersome, costly and time-consuming separate isolation unit is required.

Tool kits are available in two versions—one for valve sizes 4 in. to 12 in., and one for valve sizes 14 in. to 24 in. The end-mill machine used for cutting the access slot has three power source drive options: pneumatic, hydraulic and electric, and it features field-replaceable cutting blades.

The easy-to-use kit easily adapts to non-traditional valve orientation. Horizontal, upside-down and angled valve bonnet positions are no problem. Actual in-the-field installation videos (not just animations) of the EZ Valve tool kits in action may be viewed at www.avtfittings.com.

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