May 13, 2021

Amelia Mioranza | WWD Young Pros

Amelia Mioranza | WWD Young Pros

Amelia Mioranza is a program and marketing coordinator for Isle Utilities. Her interest in water was piqued in high school when she had a dream of working for the EPA because of her interest in environmental science. In the course of her career, she landed at Isle Utilities, where a handful of her colleagues have been WWD Young Pros in years past.

Mioranza talks about why her mother was a big role model for her and what traits her mother exhibited that she aims to exemplify in her daily life both professionally and personally. She also explains how yard work became an outlet for personal satisfaction and how the variety of career choices in the water industry make it an excellent career option.

  • Intro: (0:00)
  • Amelia’s dream of working for the EPA: (0:44)
  • Experience at EPA and career path: (2:01)
  • Working with illustrious young professionals at Isle Utilities: (3:24)
  • Making the water industry visible and valued: (4:13)
  • Characteristics and traits learned from her mother: (6:43)
  • Being an identical “mirror” twin: (9:30)
  • Yard work and finding satisfaction outside the office: (10:26)
  • Catering to the next generation of water workers: (14:00)
  • Variety of career choices in the water industry: (15:30)
  • Outro: (16:18)

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