Dec 28, 2000

Vital Living Products, Inc. to Supply EnergyUSA Water Test Kits

"Through our ongoing search for new products and opportunities, market
research identified an interest in air and water quality testing products,"
said Dave Manly, vice president and general manager, EnergyUSA Consumer
Products. "Our research concluded that many of our customers would be
willing to subscribe to a program that allows them to test, monitor and
improve the quality of their home air and water."

NiSource Inc. is a holding company whose primary business is the
distribution of electricity, natural gas and water in the Midwest and
Northeast United States. The company also markets utility services and
customer-focused resource solutions.

"Our affiliation with Energy USA is the type of strategic partnering that we
want to cultivate," said Donald R. Podrebarac, American Water Service
president and chief executive officer. "Marketing through EnergyUSA allows
us to reach a wide customer base without the marketing expense and gives
EnergyUSA the ability to provide its customers with America's leading water
testing product without the manufacturing investment. This strategic
alliance is a win-win for our companies and consumers. If revenues to VLPI
from sales of EnergyUSA's air and water program match their market research,
it would more than double our company's annual sales."

PurTest(R), VLPI's home water testing kits are professionally endorsed and
laboratory certified. Five different PurTest(R) water testing kits allow
consumers to easily test for bacteria, lead, pesticides, nitrates, nitrites,
iron, hardness, pH, copper and other items.